Having a Baby? Get Their DOT COM Name

So I had to give a speech awhile back in my Toastmaster’s club and the goal of the speech was to try and persuade my audience to do something.

I had a hard time coming up with a topic so eventually I decided on talking about domain names. My speech basically tried to convince everyone in the club that it would be a worthwhile investment to go out and purchase their name as a dot com domain.


Review Your XML Sitemap and Make Sure the Change Frequency is Accurate

Google no longer wants you to waste their time. So, if you tell them a page on your website gets updated daily – it’s now in your best interest to make sure it does.

On September 25th, Google announced the rollout of Panda 4.1 – a change to their search engine ranking algorithm that among other things is intended to help smaller websites do better in search results.