Having a Baby? Get Their DOT COM Name

So I had to give a speech awhile back in my Toastmaster’s club and the goal of the speech was to try and persuade my audience to do something.

I had a hard time coming up with a topic so eventually I decided on talking about domain names. My speech basically tried to convince everyone in the club that it would be a worthwhile investment to go out and purchase their name as a dot com domain.

I pointed out that I owned BrantGalloway.com and I went through a list of everyone in the club and told them whether or not their name was available.

This speech got me thinking… you know how entrepreneurs will sometimes change the name of their startup simply because the dot com name the business was going after wasn’t available? What if the same were true for parents about to have children?

Will there ever be a day where two happy new parents are sitting in the delivery room holding their newborn baby and their conversation goes something like…

“You know honey I really like the name Bailey, but when I looked it up on Godaddy.com, the name BaileyAnderson.com was already taken. I think we should go with something else.”

We may not be that far off…