How to Make Your Site Navigation More Accessible by Adding a Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu Bar Navigation Graphic
Adding a sticky menu bar is an easy, user-friendly way to not make your customers have to scroll to the top of the page when navigating your website.

On a lot of websites nowadays, you will see a main navigation bar that stays fixed along the top of the browser window and then stays visible as you scroll down the page.  This feature is usually referred to as a sticky menu and it can be a convenient addition to your navigation design.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to just menu items.


A Creative Way to Highlight a Powerful Image on Your Website

Sometimes it is best not to over think things. And if you are lucky enough to stumble upon an image that can be used to replace the clutter and noise of 50 words – don’t over complicate it.

So when Catclar Investments asked us to develop a new website for an urban housing project they will be building near the Bell Road corridor in north Scottsdale – the interior rendering they provided was so stunning we knew we needed to keep things simple and let the image speak for itself.