How to Make Your Site Navigation More Accessible by Adding a Sticky Menu

Sticky Menu Bar Navigation Graphic
Adding a sticky menu bar is an easy, user-friendly way to not make your customers have to scroll to the top of the page when navigating your website.

On a lot of websites nowadays, you will see a main navigation bar that stays fixed along the top of the browser window and then stays visible as you scroll down the page.  This feature is usually referred to as a sticky menu and it can be a convenient addition to your navigation design.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to just menu items.


Designing for Designers, Mucho Pressure

The Project:
To develop a new website for a Scottsdale-based company called The Plus Group.
The Good News:
Their project seemed right up my alley. We had a great meeting, their goals were clearly convened and I walked away with some potentially workable ideas for how I could accomplish what they were looking to do.
The Bad News:
The Plus Group is an advertising agency, with a team of creative graphic designers, art directors and branding professionals. They were the type of folks who could rip apart a design from the inside-out and then win a debate with you over the type of serif you used in the headline font.

I was tasked with designing a design for designers. Argh…